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Are you looking for dealership advertising that leaves a lasting impression on potential car buyers? Then look no further with our Car Commercial Deal event! 

At Reel 37, we specialize in creating captivating car commercials that will drive customers straight to your showroom. With our team of creative experts and Industry-leading technology combine to produce high-quality videos that leave a lasting impact on viewers. So get ready to accelerate your dealership’s success with our captivating car commercials!


Make a Statement

Are you tired of your car commercials blending into the noise? 

Well then it’s time to stand out and make a statement! 

Our team will work closely with you to understand your dealership’s unique selling points and target audience. We’ll craft a compelling script and develop a creative concept that captures the essence of your brand and the excitement of your vehicles. We’ll help you engage your audience from the first second and keep them hooked until the final frame!

We create all new original content specifically for your business! We do not use stock footage like our competitors!”

Visually Captivating

We know that capturing attention is just the beginning. 

Our post-production wizards will add the finishing touches to your car commercials, including captivating visuals, immersive sound effects, and seamless editing. We’ll create an emotional connection with your audience, making them feel the thrill of being behind the wheel. 

Our goal is to create commercials that make viewers stop scrolling, pay attention, and take action.


That's Only The Beginning

With a captivating car commercial in hand, it’s time to convert viewers into customers.

We’ll help you develop a call-to-action strategy that drives results! Whether it’s directing them to your website, a landing page, or a special offer, we’ll guide potential buyers down the path to purchase.

Our comprehensive understanding of sales funnels and consumer behavior ensures that your investment in our commercials delivers a strong return.


Accelerate Your Success!

As your dealership starts reaping the rewards of our captivating car commercials, we don’t stop there.

We’ll provide ongoing support and analyze the performance of your commercials to optimize their effectiveness.

Our goal is to help you build a strong brand presence, generate leads, and increase sales.

When you partner with Reel 37, you’re investing in a relationship and the success of your dealership.

What Makes us Different?

Reel 37  is your go-to solution for high-quality video production! We are not your cheap option! 

We are your resource for the best your budget can afford!

We understand that as a car dealership, you seek commercials that exude car manufacture quality without breaking the bank. That’s where we come in! 

At Reel 37, we cater to a specific niche of car dealerships like yours. Our goal is to provide you with top-notch commercials that rival the quality of those produced by car manufacturers.

  • How do we achieve this? By operating under two different production structures, which is predetermined by our clients needs and budget. We tailor the production to your needs. 

We function under both a collective bargaining agreement (TEIR 1) or as a structure free of collective bargaining agreements (TEIR 2 – The Cost-Effective Approach). Both of our production types are equipped with the same advanced technology and skilled personnel typically found within top-tier industry productions. 


  • TIER 1 VIDEO PRODUCTION – Also known as the industry standard, a Tier 1 production is a UNION project that uses the worlds best talent (Famous, Directors, Actors, Celebrities, etc). These are the industries best, so they have guidelines in-place to protect talent and crew. Reel 37 produces these projects and puts together teams that align with our clients goals. These are very polished projects, typical of Super Bowl Spots, NBA Playoffs spots or World Cup Spots. 
  • TEIR 2 VIDEO PRODUCTION –  Also known as a NON-UNION Project. These are productions that use talent and crew that are not protected under UNION contracts. They tend to function on a leaner budget and quicker turn arounds. Reel 37 produces these projects and puts together teams that align with our clients goals while maintaining the standards of the TIER 1 approach.

HOW DO WE PRODUCE TIER 2 PROJECTS THAT ARE OF EQUAL QUALITY TO TIER 1?  – Reel 37 was partly created as a mentorship stepping stone for new and up-and-coming talent. We are based in Hollywood, California – giving us access to the industries top-tier talent and crew that are hyper specialized and creatively talented! They may not be union yet, but they are well on their way to joining! And since we work in TIER 1, we actively connect our TEIR 2 team members with mentors and  job shadow opportunities that give them the skill set to function at the UNION level. 

For TEIR 2, by bypassing unnecessary red tape, often found with collective bargaining agreements, we save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, allowing you to allocate those funds where they truly matter: marketing to your target consumers or towards that TEIR 1 Super Bowl Spot! With our streamlined approach, you can expect exceptional video production that showcases your inventory, captures the essence of your brand, and drives customer engagement—all at a fraction of the cost you’d typically associate with such high-caliber work.

Experience the difference that Reel 37 brings to the table. Trust us to deliver outstanding commercials that reflect the professionalism and quality your dealership deserves, while maximizing your marketing budget. Get in touch with us today and let us help you elevate your dealership’s presence with visually stunning and captivating video content.

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Ready to Drive Your Sales to New Heights?

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Don’t settle for mediocre commercialslet us help you stand out from the competition and accelerate your success!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee we can produce you a commercial at equal or better quality as the Porsche commercial above! If we can’t, we’ll REDO THE COMMERCIAL and give you your MONEY BACK! – Terms & Conditions

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